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Child Custody and Visitation

Child Custody and Visitation Plans 

Child custody disputes can arise in the context of a divorce case or between unmarried parents. Child custody is, without a doubt, an essential consideration in any divorce, custody, or paternity case. It can be complicated for young children to process all the changes taking place during a divorce. While child custody disagreements can be highly emotional, it is usually in the best interests of your children to reach an amicable resolution when possible. 

If you can reach an agreement about a visitation plan through collaborative divorce or mediation, it can save you significant expenditures for professional fees like guardian ad items, psychological evaluations, and legal fees. The long term emotional effects of a contested child custody dispute can have a significant adverse impact on your children. For all these reasons, Attorney Friedman uses his experience as a custody attorney serving Stamford for more than 25 years to help you understand the law and reach a parenting plan with which you feel comfortable.  

Of course, there are circumstances when, for one reason or another, it is impossible to come to a settlement that is in the best interests of your children with the other party. Stamford custody lawyer Allan F. Friedman will zealously seek the custody and parenting plan that best suits his client and their children.  

Child Custody in Connecticut 

In Connecticut, child custody is divided into legal custody and physical custody. Understanding what these terms mean and how they affect your case is very important. Attorney Friedman is here to help you navigate the critical decisions that you need to face concerning child custody law in Connecticut. 

Legal custody means the legal right to make important choices regarding your child's welfare. A legal custodian makes decisions for significant child welfare matters such as medical care, education, and religion. The legal custodian does not make day to day decisions regarding the child when the child is exercising parenting time with the other parent. Ordinarily, Connecticut courts will award both parents joint legal custody of their children unless one parent has demonstrated poor parenting skills or if the parents can't effectively communicate with each other. Parents who have difficulty with communication are often aided by using the our family wizard software application. 

Physical custody involves the planning of where the children will primarily reside. Traditionally, courts would award physical custody to the mother and award the father rights of visitation. As society has transformed and often both parents now work longer hours, traditional notions of the roles of mothers and fathers are changing. In many cases, parties now agree to co-parent and share joint physical custody of the minor children.

Visitation Plans 

Often flexible parenting plans are tailored to suit everyone's needs. Every family is unique, and Attorney Friedman will carefully listen to your individual concerns and priorities and work to negotiate a parenting plan that is in the best interests of your children and which respects your needs as a parent. In those situations where an agreement can't be reached, Attorney Friedman has the experience to litigate child custody matters at trial and achieve the most favorable result possible. 

In some instances, our increasingly mobile society results in one party pursuing a job elsewhere or wanting to relocate to live closer to their family. If a parent wants to relocate with minor children, it can often be met with significant resistance by the non-relocating parent.  Relocation cases are often highly contested and very emotional. Attorney Friedman has successfully litigated child relocation cases against some of the top firms in the state. 

Choose a Stamford Child Custody Lawyer Who Will Advocate for Your Rights As a Parent 

There are so many variables when it comes to parenting arrangements under the law. By listening to our clients and keeping our clients informed, we help our clients find the best resolutions for their children while supporting their rights as a parent. Attorney Allan F. Friedman guides clients through the legal aspects of child custody and parenting plans while defending their rights and treating them with compassion. For a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case, contact us here or call today at (203) 998-5555.


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