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Limited Scope Services & Consulting

Divorce With Limited Scope Representation or Consulting 

There has been a trend toward self-representation in family law cases.  In many ways, the system is broken.  Court dockets are overcrowded and litigating a custody or divorce case can result in significant legal fees.  Initially, the difficult economy in the last recession started a wave of pro-se or self-represented litigants. Today almost 50% of the participants in the family court system are self-represented.  While representing yourself can save you the cost of legal representation, often self-represented individuals lack the training and experience to achieve an optimal outcome in their case.  

For many litigants, a courtroom can be an unfamiliar and frightening environment and having the ability to retain an attorney to appear with them for a particular hearing or deposition can be beneficial without having to incur the expense of retaining an attorney to handle the entire matter.

Limited Scope Representation 

In 2014 Connecticut modified the rules of practice to low attornies to appear on a limited scope in family law matters. This program provides an affordable way for a pro se litigant to retain our office to appear for a particular court hearing or function without having to retain us to take on the responsibility to handle the entire case. Limited scope representation provides pro se individuals with an affordable way to manage their overall legal fees in a family law or divorce case while having the benefit of consulting with our office and getting legal advice as needed. Limited scope services are a very economical way to have an attorney available to appear in court with you as needed. Attorney Friedman can provide his legal guidance and expertise for specific court hearing dates or tasks, without having to retain an attorney for your entire case. 

Working together as a team, we decide on what legal services you need, advise you on what needs to be done to prepare your case, and provide strategic advice on the best course of action to achieve a favorable outcome. The client decides when and how often to utilize the services of our office in court proceedings and thereby retains control over their legal costs and fees incurred. Attorney Friedman files a limited appearance with the court and performs the legal services that you request. The limited scope appearance program was a very positive development and allowed consumers the ability to retain the services of lawyers without having to expend significant retainer fees. 

In limited scope representation, you can retain our office to appear on your behalf for one single court appearance or deposition or prepare a particular document on your behalf. In other situations, you can have an ongoing relationship with our firm and use us for several different hearing dates throughout the pendency of your case. In limited scope representation, you call the shots and use our services as you need them. We work on a reasonable hourly rate, and there is no need to advance a significant upfront retainer fee. Since you pay as you go, you are in complete control of your legal fees.  

Consulting Services 

In some cases, pro se litigants just need to go over case strategy or review a financial affidavit with an attorney. Consulting services provide advice and guidance to pro se litigants who may not be able to afford to hire an attorney to handle the entire case but need help with a specific issue or to guide them through the case.  Attorney Friedman offers the benefit of his over 25 years of experience in litigating family law matters to guide you in your case.  Attorney Friedman is available for a single hourly session to go over a particular point or to work with you throughout the pendency of your case to help guide you to a successful conclusion of your case. 

Many of our consulting clients are independent-minded consumers who want to retain control of their case but realize that they can benefit from some input from an experienced family law practitioner.  

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